Training materials

Training materials

Current and future climate of the Pacific: Guide for workshop facilitators

This step-by-step guide to facilitating a one-day workshop on
understanding climate change science in the Pacific island region and Timor-
Leste is part of a training resource package informed by science from the
PACCSAP program.

The training package will assist staff in national meteorological services in the Pacific islands and other relevant organisations to communicate the climate science reported in PACCSAP tools and publications—and turn today’s climate science into tomorrow’s climate service.

The Pacific Climate Change Science training package contains:

  • this flexible ‘how to’ guide for running workshops on climate change science in the Pacific, which can be adapted to individual country and stakeholder contexts
  • PowerPoint presentations to use in the workshop (available from your local National Meteorological Service)
  • publications, tools and resources developed through the PACCSAP program (see Publications & resources).

Guide for workshop facilitators [PDF, 739KB]